Prize Wall is excited to announce the return of the SCG Prize Wall at Grand Prix London! Earn Prize Wall tickets throughout the weekend to redeem for fantastic prizes!

Prize tickets can be earned by doing well in various events throughout the weekend! Check the Event Schedule for complete details. will have a wide variety of items available on the SCG Prize Wall. Some items will have limited availability. Item selection and redemption values are subject to change.

Booster Packs 10-200 Tickets
2011 Core Set10 Tickets
2012 Core Set10 Tickets
2014 Core Set10 Tickets
2015 Core Set10 Tickets
3rd Edition (Revised)200 Tickets
8th Edition10 tickets
9th Edition10 tickets
Alara Reborn30 tickets
Alliances50 tickets
Betrayers of Kamigawa30 tickets
Born of the Gods10 tickets
Conflux40 tickets
Conspiracy10 tickets
Dark Ascension10 tickets
Darksteel40 tickets
Dissension40 tickets
Dragons of Tarkir10 tickets
Fate Reforged10 tickets
Gatecrash10 tickets
Guildpact30 tickets
Invasion30 tickets
Journey into Nyx10 tickets
Khans of Tarkir10 tickets
Legions20 tickets
Magic Origins10 tickets
Mirage40 tickets
Mirrodin20 tickets
New Phyrexia30 tickets
Odyssey20 tickets
Onslaught40 tickets
Return to Ravnica20 tickets
Rise of the Eldrazi50 tickets
Saviors of Kamigawa20 tickets
Theros10 tickets
Unhinged60 tickets
Worldwake80 tickets
Playmats50-250 Tickets
SCG Creature Collection Playmats
Kitten50 Tickets
Kraken50 Tickets
Monkey50 Tickets
Ooze50 Tickets
Panda50 Tickets
Penguin50 Tickets
Piglet50 Tickets
Squirrel50 Tickets
Turtle50 Tickets
SCG Creature Collection - Parody Playmats
Acorn Mystic60 Tickets
Deathrite Salmon60 Tickets
Delver of Squeakrets60 Tickets
Dragonfish of Antarkir60 Tickets
Fate Refished60 Tickets
Force of Squirrel60 Tickets
Magic Meowigins100 Tickets
Polar Punch60 Tickets
Squirrel Confidant60 Tickets
Squirrelstorm60 Tickets
Tasipurr, the Golden Paw130 Tickets
Grand Prix Exclusive Playmats
GP Charlotte 2015 - Noble Hierarch150 Tickets
GP Miami 2015 - Mardu Scout100 Tickets
GP New Jersey 2014 - Brainstorm250 Tickets
GP Orlando 2014 - Dominaria Resort150 Tickets
GP Richmond 2014 - Eternal Witness150 Tickets
Sleeves30-50 Tickets
GP Charlotte 2015 - Noble Hierarch (80 ct.)40 Tickets
GP New Jersey 2014 - Brainstorm (80 ct.)50 Tickets Logo (80 ct.)30 Tickets
SCG Creature Collection Sleeves
Kitten (80 ct.)30 Tickets
Panda (80 ct.)30 Tickets
Turtle (80 ct.)30 Tickets
SCG Creature Collection - Parody Sleeves
Delver of Squeakrets (80 ct.)30 Tickets
Eturtle Witness (80 ct.)30 Tickets
From the Vault200-500 Tickets
Annihilation200 Tickets
Legends420 Tickets
Realms400 Tickets
Twenty500 Tickets
Pins40-120 Tickets
GP Charlotte 2015 - Noble Hierarch60 tickets
GP New Jersey 2014 - Brainstorm120 tickets
Grand Prix Orlando 2014 - Dominaria Resort
Chaos Orbiter120 tickets
Command Tower of Horror40 Tickets
Ferris Wheel of Fortune40 Tickets
Phlying Phelddagrifs40 Tickets
Squirrel Wrangler Stunt Spectacular40 Tickets
The TimeTwister40 Tickets
Pinny Arcade Pins
Elspeth - 2013 Pax Prime60 Tickets
Deck Boxes10-50 Tickets
GP Charlotte 2015 - Noble Hierarch30 Tickets
GP New Jersey 2014 - Brainstorm50 Tickets Logo10 Tickets
Miscellaneous10-2500 Tickets
Select SCG Player Token10 Tickets
San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives
Black Planeswalker Boxed Set-of-5 (2015)1000 Tickets
Black Planeswalker Boxed Set-of-6 (2014)1000 Tickets
Black Planeswalker Boxed Set-of-5 (2013)2500 Tickets
2015 Grand Prix T-Shirt (Season 3)100 Tickets
Ultra Pro Gamers Bag by KP FaceOff - Blue300 Tickets
Ultra Pro Gamers Bag by KP FaceOff - Red300 Tickets
Complete Sets
Magic Origins Complete Set (FOIL)2500 Tickets
Magic Origins Complete Set1000 Tickets
Modern Masters 2015 Complete Set2000 Tickets
Commander 2014 Decks
Built from Scratch (Red)130 Tickets
Forged in Stone (White)160 Tickets
Guided by Nature (Green)120 Tickets
Peer Through Time (Blue)100 Tickets
Sworn to Darkness (Black)120 Tickets